Once upon a time

My planner/journal had very humble beginnings, but evolved (and is still evolving) into a family heirloom. My grand kids are always wanting to see what I’m documenting because it’s “FUN” to look at.

I keep it “positive”. I might include a slightly embarrassing story… or 10, but you won’t ever find any “bashing” or humiliating information.

Humble Beginnings

In 2011 my husband and I went on vacation to NYC. I wanted to document the trip but not in a “write it all down” journal. In my “off the shelf” notebook I told the story in sketches, pictures, memorabilia, and “to the point” snippets.

No Longer Just Vacations

In 2012 I had decided I would bring this “planner/journaling” into my everyday life. I had always tossed my monthly calendar (Franklin Covey at the time) because I only used the week view. I continued to use my week view for my “to do lists”, etc., but used my month view to document my day. It was fast and easy and gave me the creative outlet I needed.

Fun Journaling

I used the “back side” of the current month and the “front side” of the upcoming month to expound a little bit on the most memorable moments (ie, something my grand kids did, movie tickets, or simply the list of books I’d read that month).

Designing My Own

In 2013 I once again tossed my FC month views and designed my own. I had a pretty good stamp collection so I uniquely stamped each month. This was sooo much better because I could choose my color theme and be a little more creative. I used store bought tabs.

2013 Continued.....

My journaling pages also became more visually interesting with my developing sticker obsession. I have a ton of stickers.

Less Is More

Sometimes less is better. In 2016 I started limiting my “coloring” to just one or two elements in each square. I liked the cleaner look. 


I still do my vacation pages and just insert them into the month they occurred.

The Simpler Life

Today I’m trying to simplify things. So now I forgo the stamping and opt for stickers and washi tape (you should see my washi tape collection!) Sometimes I color the months…. sometimes I don’t.

(This is the month view I sell in the SHOP)

A Little of Everything

This is an example of how I use “a little bit of everything” in my journal pages. You’ll find a little sketching, stickers, washi tape, post-it notes, journaling, touches of coloring, and oh… I’ve started purchasing a sticker from places I go.. like this Ellis Island sticker.

Current Months

I keep my most recent months in my Filofax. You may notice my month tabs that I made using stickers. Once it gets pretty full I move it to my three ring binder.


Once my Filofax gets full I move the months over to a 3 ring binder that I have embellished with stickers, washi tape, papers, and…… DUCT TAPE! You can find a lot of cool duct tape today.

(This may be a future blog topic)

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

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